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You want to work and play and live life without restrictions. Unfortunately, you’re not because your neck hurts. It’s annoying and frustrating. It’s always there in the back of your mind. Over time you begin to worry that it will become a permanent part of your life. I understand how you feel. I’ve helped thousands of people feel better and find lasting relief. I can help you.

We Provide Assessment, Treatment and Most Importantly Lasting Relief for Neck Pain

Neck pain is irritating and annoying. Neck pain affects roughly seventy five percent of Americans at some point in their lives. A study by The Annals of Internal Medicine found that chiropractic care was more effective at reducing neck pain than taking medications such as aspirin or narcotics.

We combine traditional chiropractic, physiotherapy, functional neurology and functional nutrition to get you relief that lasts. Living pain free and at full function really is possible.