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Everybody wants to live a full life. Unfortunately, you’re not because of numbness. It’s annoying and frustrating. It’s always there in the back of your mind. Over time you begin to worry that this will become a permanent part of your life. I understand how you feel. I’ve helped thousands of people feel better and find lasting relief. I can help you.


We Provide Assessment, Treatment and Most Importantly Lasting Relief for Chronic Numbness

Numbness, pins and needles, tingling, burning and paresthesia are all words used to describe a sensations coming from a nerve malfunction. These sensations usually have no long-term physical effect but often are associated with issues such as poor circulation, blood sugar abnormalities, inflammation, nerve compression and neurological disorders. 

Because the contributors to numbness are so varied, the most important thing is determining the cause of your numbness. A through evaluation will be done to determine why you are suffering and the quickest path to relieving the numbness in your limbs.

We combine traditional chiropractic, functional neurology and functional nutrition to get you relief that lasts. Living a normal life again really is possible.